Qianmu provide our customers with a variety of customized product lines, including VCSEL, edge-emitting laser and DFB laser devices and corresponding packaging forms.Accepting customization of customer to obtain greater optical power and meet customer requirements for array patterns.


Distributed feedback semiconductor lasers can be used to realize longitudinal mode selection by using the grating distributed in the resonator, so as to obtain the laser which can maintain single longitudinal mode under high speed modulation. This 
structure can also inhibit mode hopping in a wider range of operating temperature and operating current to realize dynamic
single mode.
Product NO. Product Name Type Mode Structure mW * * *
1000021 Generic design-350mW DFB-Rev 1 DFB Singlemode Singlet 350
1000022 Generic design-1.4W DFB-Rev 1 DFB Singlemode 4*1 Array 1400

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