Qianmu provide our customers with a variety of customized product lines, including VCSEL, edge-emitting laser and DFB laser devices and corresponding packaging forms.Accepting customization of customer to obtain greater optical power and meet customer requirements for array patterns.

Small power Chip

Used in Proximity sensing , Robot Vacuum
Part Number Product Name Product Type Current Wavelength Optical Power FOV
SV121521 QM_Singlet_940nm_VCSEL_SV121521 Small power Chip 6mA 940nm 5mW 20°
SV121522 QM_Singlet_940nm_VCSEL_SV121522 Small power Chip 12mA 940nm 10mW 22°
SV122622 QM_3e_940nm_VCSEL_SV122622 Small power Chip 36mA 940nm 30mW 20°
SV121225 QM_20e_940nm_VCSEL_SV121225 Small power Chip 250mA 940nm 200mW 20°
SV222231 QM_24e_850nm_VCSEL_SV222231 Small power Chip 140mA 850nm 100mW 20°
SV12V921 QM_Singlet_940nm_VCSEL_SV12V921 Small power Chip 12mA 940nm 4.5mW 15°
SV74Y322 QM_33e_808nm_VCSEL_SV74Y322 Small power Chip 250mA 808nm 200mW 20°
SV24Y322 QM_33e_850nm_VCSEL_SV24Y322 Small power Chip 250mA 850nm 200mW 20°

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