Qianmu provide our customers with a variety of customized product lines, including VCSEL, edge-emitting laser and DFB laser devices and corresponding packaging forms.Accepting customization of customer to obtain greater optical power and meet customer requirements for array patterns.

TOF Chip

sed in machine vision, next-generation mobile phone AR applications, AR glasses environment perception and gesture recognition and other fields
Part Number Product Name Product Type Current Wavelength Optical Power FOV
SV121129 QM_672e_940nm_VCSEL_SV121129 Double Area 4.8A 940nm 4.0W 20°
SV121621 QM_544e_940nm_VCSEL_SV121621 TOF Chip 3.5A 940nm 3.0W 20°
SV122123 QM_952e_940nm_VCSEL_SV122123 TOF Chip 7.0A 940nm 6.0W 20°
SV122127 QM_1156e_940nm_VCSEL_SV122127 TOF Chip 4.6A 940nm 4.0W 20°
SV222123 QM_952e_850nm_VCSEL_SV222123 TOF Chip 7.0A 850nm 5.0W 20°
SV222127 QM_1156e_850nm_VCSEL SV222127 TOF Chip 5.25A 850nm 4.0W 20°
SV122421 QM_202e_940nm_VCSEL_SV122421 TOF Chip 1.15A 940nm 1.0W 20°
SV22X421 QM_202e_850nm_VCSEL_SV22X421 TOF Chip 1.3A 850nm 1.0W 20°
SV22X426 QM_448e_850nm_VCSEL_SV22X426 TOF Chip 2.7A 850nm 2.0W 20°
SV742521 QM_448e_808nm_VCSEL_SV742521 TOF Chip 2.7A 808nm 2.0W 20°

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