Qianmu provide our customers with a variety of customized product lines, including VCSEL, edge-emitting laser and DFB laser devices and corresponding packaging forms.Accepting customization of customer to obtain greater optical power and meet customer requirements for array patterns.

Singlet VCSEL

940nm singlet VCSELs cover the output power of 1mW to 20mW, and are applied in various scenarios such as proximity 
sensor, consumer electronics, industrial-level and security application.
Part Number Product Name Product Type Current Wavelength Optical Power FOV
1000036 Multimode VCSEL Singlet 2
1000037 Multimode VCSEL Singlet 3
1000038 Multimode VCSEL Singlet 5
1000039 Multimode VCSEL Singlet 7
1000040 Multimode VCSEL Singlet 10
1000041 Multimode VCSEL Singlet 15

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