Wuhan Qianmu Laser Co., Ltd. is semiconductor laser provider from laser technology research, development to manufacturing, with comprehensive technology enabling chip layout design, processing technique, high-volume fabrication, sales and customer cares. Qianmu Laser focus on continuously improving laser technology, established a fully vertical integrated supply chain on high-power VCSEL array, edge emitting laser and distributed feed-back (DFB) lasers can meet the customers needs on the VCSEL emitter distribution, operating power, package requirements with specific requirement to meet customer’s satisfaction. With high standard and stable chip performance, Qianmu laser aims on “Create in China” rather than “Made in China” to step up to a world class leading Optoelectronics manufacture.


  • 08.162018

    Providing sampling and communicationEngaging with handset and module manufacturers
  • 04.012018

    Qianmu started mass manufactureThe parameter index of the DSP chips reach the leading level of the industry
  • 08.012018

    Initial sample approval Achieving the expected effect and getting module manufacturers‘ acceptance


  • 11.012017

    Qianmu Laser was founded