Qianmu has a wide range of applications in security laser lighting, depth sensing, gesture biometrics and industrial machine vision

Accumulate Steadily- Qianmu Laser Launch 3D Sensing VCSEL and DFB Chips

摘要:With the launching of the iPhone X with facial recognition function, leading the trend of 3D sensing, a number of suppliers based on VCSEL chip design, module, algorithm and scheme have emerged in China and abroad in the past year

With the launching of the iPhone X with facial recognition function, leading the trend of 3D sensing, a number of suppliers based on VCSEL chip design, module, algorithm and scheme have emerged in China and abroad in the past year.Among them is a strong, well-grounded company: Wuhan Qianmu Laser Co., LTD.The product line of Qianmu laser is mainly designed for the high-power VCSEL chip and high-power DFB chip used for 3D sensing.After a long night's sleep of engineers, Qianmu laser realized the success of VCSEL array with 6 inches of power six months ago.At present, the performance and reliability of components have reached the international leading standard through the improvement of multi-wheel process, and VCSEL has entered the mass production stage.The high-power DFB chip has also completed the sample stream, with excellent performance.

Qianmu's products VCSEL is Vertical - Cavity Surface - Emitting Lasers (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting laser), is a kind of semiconductor laser diode.Unlike conventional LED and edge emitting lasers, the VCSEL is able to emit efficient lasers vertically from the surface of the wafer and achieve a precise two-dimensional alignment.As the output light field is circular, the small Angle of divergence facilitates the integration of the beam in the module.Its high efficiency of photoelectric conversion, high modulation rate and low cost make it one of the most widely used semiconductor lasers.At present, there are mainly two schemes for 3D sensing: structural light and Time of flight - TOF, both of which use VCSEL chip as the light source.

Qianmu laser has a strong R&D and marketing team, and the core team is composed of experienced personnel in the industry.The laser provides greater output power and more stable long-term reliability for consumers.According to Dr. Yang Xu, director of research and development, these excellent performances come from the control of design, epitaxy, technology, packaging and other aspects by engineers of Qianmu laser to design and control the details in each link, so that the product's yield and reliability are all top in the industry.Dr. Yang Xu, graduated from Tsinghua university, engaged in the research of new VCSEL during his doctoral study in the United States, and made significant breakthroughs in the performance of existing VCSEL such as optical power, thermal resistance and small size [1-3]. His mentor Dr. Dennis Deppe is the inventor of the widely adopted oxide VCSEL program [4].Dr. Yang has a solid theoretical foundation in physics and more than eight years of research and development experience focused on VCSEL.The bright prospect and huge business opportunities of the future 3D sensing industry bring together Dr. Yang and a group of senior industry experts.In addition, Qianmu laser also has senior professionals in the market and finance, laying the foundation for efficient operation of the company.

Accumulate Steadily- Qianmu Laser Launch 3D Sensor VCSEL and DFB Chips

Figure 1. LIV curve (left) of the 2.5W laser in Qianmu, and PCE of the 2.5W chip on the 6-inch wafer (right, blank area is other specification chip)


As a VCSEL R&D and manufacturing enterprise, Qianmu laser has laid out a complete chip supply chain, including epitaxy, technology, component testing, reliability verification, all using the top international suppliers. Currently, it mainly provides 1.5w / 2.5w /4W/8W optical power 940nm VCSEL array and 940nm VCSEL single device. At the same time, we provide lead frame package of aluminum nitride/copper base with dimension 3532/3535, which can guarantee excellent optical and thermal conductivity under the premise of controllable cost. The optical power can be adjusted within the nominal range according to the level of the actual injection current. At the same time, the laser is also customized to obtain greater optical power and meet the requirements of the customers for the array pattern. The focus on VCSEL ensures the excellent characteristics of Qianmu laser products. In wafer level testing, at 15 and 50 environment, PCE for all Qianmu laser’s chips in the entire wafer are above 40%, in the industry leader. Higher photoelectric conversion efficiency not only means less power loss, but also means less heat energy generated, giving the device a higher life in the working state. We not only have sufficient production capacity of existing products, but also have the ability of continuous research and development. On the basis of mass production of existing products, we can also provide customized products for customers. We can adjust the number and arrangement of luminous points according to customers' requirements, so as to meet customers' different requirements on optical power, wavelength range, outgoing Angle and packaging. For the next generation of TOF, high-power side emission DFB chip and corresponding module are likely to be selected, and the leading mobile phone manufacturers in the world are actively carrying out corresponding research and development. Qianmu laser has mature experience and world-leading technical advantages in high-power DFB, and is also the only company in China with the technology and product of gallium arsenic-8xm-nm and 9xm-nm high-power DFB laser.

Accumulate Steadily- Qianmu Laser Launch 3D Sensor VCSEL and DFB Chips
Figure 2. High-power DFB laser LIV and Spectrum

Sincerity is the way of Heaven. The. attainment of sincerity is the way of men. He who possesses sincerity is he who, without an effort, hits what is right, and apprehends without the exercise of thought; he is the sage who naturally and easily embodies the right way.With many years of technical accumulation, sincerity, diligence to make chips, Qianmu has launch chips within a year after establishment. We have been innovative in concept to good quality to win market recognition. Where there is real ability there is fame.We believe that the excellent performance of the chip is the best publicity and endorsement.