Wuhan Qianmu Laser Co., Ltd. is semiconductor laser provider from laser technology research, development to manufacturing, with comprehensive technology enabling chip layout design, processing technique, high-volume fabrication, sales and customer cares. Qianmu Laser focus on continuously improving laser technology, established a fully vertical integrated supply chain on high-power VCSEL array, edge emitting laser and distributed feed-back (DFB) lasers can meet the customers needs on the VCSEL emitter distribution, operating power, package requirements with specific requirement to meet customer’s satisfaction. With high standard and stable chip performance, Qianmu laser aims on “Create in China” rather than “Made in China” to step up to a world class leading Optoelectronics manufacture.

    "Inspired by our great team, Qianmu keeps exploring cutting-edge light emitting sources
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Singlet VCSEL

940nm singlet VCSELs cover the output power of 1mW to 20mW, and are applied in various scenarios such as proximity sensor, consumer electronics, industrial-level and security application.


The products cover the output power of 1W to 3.5W, and are applied in various scenarios such as consumer electronics, biometric identification and face recognition.

High Power VCSEL

The product covers chips with an optical power of 4W and above 4W, and the output optical power depends on the actual injection current. It is widely used in industrial 3D sensing, high-power infrared lighting, machine vision and other scenes.


Distributed feedback semiconductor lasers can be used to realize longitudinal mode selection by using the grating distributed in the resonator, so as to obtain the laser which can maintain single longitudinal mode under high speed modulation. This structure can also inhibit mode hopping in a wider range of operating temperature and operating current to realize dynamic single mode.

SMD Package

According to a specific application scenario, the chip is encapsulated in the form of patch to meet the requirements of different divergence angles.This packaging form reduces the manufacturing process and cost of the supports, not only reduces the volume, but also uses the base plate to directly dissipate heat and reduce thermal resistance.

TO-can Package

According to a specific application scenario, the chip is encapsulated using to-can. When space allows, the radiator and active cooling system can be conveniently added, suitable for medium and high power chip.

  • Performance Highlights

    Power conversion efficiency 40% at 50 °C for Qianmu High Power VCSEL array

    ALL of them!