Qianmu provide our customers with a variety of customized product lines, including VCSEL, edge-emitting laser and DFB laser devices and corresponding packaging forms.Accepting customization of customer to obtain greater optical power and meet customer requirements for array patterns.

Generic design-2mW VCSEL

Product No: 10000036
VCSEL is the abbreviation of Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser. Different from the Edge-Emitting Laser (EEL), the VCSEL can be attached to the circuit board or integrated circuit and vertically inject invisible laser.This feature facilitates the design of optical path as well as the patching and packaging. Qianmu's 940nm singlet VCSEL is stable and high luminous efficient, which can meet the application of different scenes.
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Performance characteristics

•2mW output power

• Multi-mode light

• (PCE) above 35% between 15 ~ 50

• Circular looped far field pattern,17~26°

• Oxide-confined E/O fields

• Customized development


• Consumer electronics

• Proximity sensing

• Consuming-level positioning and sensing

• Industrial and security sensing


Products specifications

Under the condition of 50 degrees Celsius, the test results are obtained in QCW mode (Pulse Width: 0.5ms, Pulse Duty Ratio: 10%).

Generic design-2mW VCSEL

Product type

• Unmounted chip

Packaging and shipment

• Gel-pak chipbox shipping, or the required by the customer